Korean Food – A New Series of Posts

I get asked all the time by friends who aren’t familiar with Korean culture for recommendations about Korean food.  I also frequently get asked by new Korean friends if I can eat Korean food, if it’s too spicy for me.  So today’s post is all about Korean food.  Alright, so Korean food is a huge topic and I could probably write an entire book about it… so this post will just be a brief overview of a new category so I can address the questions. ^^

Is Korean Food Too Spicy?

First, I want to address the question I frequently get from new Korean friends.  Yes, some Korean food is spicy.  And yes, some of the dishes are too spicy for some non-Koreans – my mom for example can’t tolerate spicy food.  But I also know a few Koreans that don’t like or can’t tolerate spicy food.  Many non-Koreans, myself included (along with my dad and brother), love spicy food and eat it regularly.  Plus Korean food isn’t the only spicy food out there – you should try my homemade salsa which I make partly because store-bought salsa isn’t spicy enough!  So bring on the kimchi. ^^

Korean Food Recommendations

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know I love Korean food (in fact, I’m slowly learning to cook all my favourite dishes).  When I first came up with the idea for this post, I thought, “wow, what an easy post to write… I’ll just talk about my favourite Korean dishes.”  But as I thought about it, I wondered if I should also mention interesting Korean dishes that you might want to try (even if they don’t make my favourites).  The more I kept thinking about the topic, the more I came up with different ideas for the post.  I realized to write about Korean food properly, I can’t just write one post but rather a collection of posts.  So welcome to the first of a series of posts on Korean Food.  Each post will highlight one Korean dish that is either one of my favourites or is an interesting and/or unique dish.  You’ll be able to find all the posts in the new category, “Korean Food” which will be updated on Wednesdays.  I hope you enjoy them and of course, I welcome your comments and suggestions!  If you want me to write about a particular Korean food, just comment on this post, email me, or use the contact form under the “About” section.

Korean Food Blogs and Websites

Before I write my first post on Korean Food, I’d like to tell you about several great Korea Food blogs and websites you might want to visit.  While I hope to bring you interesting and useful information and posts, there is lots of good stuff already out there and these are some on my favourites.

Those are the ones I frequent on a regular basis but I wanted to make sure I was passing on the best information to my readers.  So I did a little research to see if there were any new Korean food blogs or websites since the last time I looked.  I found this post on Korea Taste that recommended almost all of the same ones 😉 

Check back next Wednesday for the next installment. ^^

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