Review: Customer Service at the Blue Jays Game

My Jays ticket from the "fabulous customer service" game 🙂

Last Sunday I went to the Jays (that’s the Toronto Blue Jays for non-baseball fans or non-Torontians) game with my parents.  They go 3 or 4 times a year and I try to go once or twice with them as I’m a big Jays fan and live sports are always fun.  Plus, it’s a fun way to spend time with my family.  I don’t generally write about it though because I spend most of the time watching the game and I’m not a sports writer (stats have never been my thing).  But something amazing happened at the game that I want to share.

My mother was treated to fantastic customer service that went above and beyond in a very simple way to make her feel special and appreciated.  It made such an impression that she asked me to write about (which I don’t believe she’s ever done before).  So, of course, I am 🙂  Plus, it made her so happy and I’m a good daughter – I like it when my mom is happy!

What happened?

We were sitting in section 226 which has fabulous seats with a totally awesome view of the field.  I love sitting up there.  It’s a little hard to see balls and strikes accurately but for everything else, it’s fabulous.  One other good thing about that section (and others close by) is that it comes with wait staff and a menu you can order from.  My mom really wanted to order the fruit platter – not my choice at a ball game but perfect for the hot weather – but no wait staff were coming down our aisle.  So she got up and went to the nearby concession stand and ordered.  One of the ladies working there asked her why she did so and my mom explained that she had waited for a while but no one came down our aisle.  So the lady apologised and comped (slang for provided it complimentary, in other words, free) the fruit salad.  This turned what was a minor annoyance into a great experience.  And of course, my mom promptly told us when she got back to her seat (as well as sharing the yummy fruit).  She also gave me the lady’s business card and asked me to write about it.  So thank you Whitney Knowles (who by the way is the Assistant Premium Sales Manager and Reservations Coordinator – and who deserves a raise)!!

And to top off a lovely customer service experience, she spoke with my mom again when we were exiting the Rogers Centre after the game (Jays lost, 7-2 to the Yankees) and thanked my mom for coming.  It was something so simple, remembering who she interacted with and acknowledging them again, but very impressive and effective.  Based on that positive experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Whitney for her fabulous customer service.  Great job!!

Cindy Zimmer

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