CSI Buckhorn & My Mom’s Birthday

It was my Mom’s birthday on Saturday and I went home to celebrate with her.  For the last couple of years (this was the third one I believe), the community centre in my hometown – Buckhorn Community Centre – has held a women’s night event called “CSI Buckhorn” on a date close to her birthday.  This year it was on the actual day which was perfect (but we’ve attended them all) as it’s a fun way to celebrate Mom’s birthday.  And my aunt joined us this year for the first time which was also nice.

But I can already hear you asking, “what is CSI Buckhorn”?  CSI Buckhorn is a women-only event held at the end of February as a fundraiser for the Buckhorn Community Centre.  It’s a fun night to dress up, eat a ton of finger foods and visit all the exhibitor booths – which range from make-up to home decor.  The “CSI” part comes from “solving” the mystery of who was “killed” by finding clues at each exhibit.  This year tickets were $30 (I believe they were $25 last year) and you get a swag bag as you enter plus each exhibitor is suppose to give you something for free.  The first two years had great swag bags and little freebies but this year both were lacking.  The swag bag was particularly lacking – there weren’t even any good coupons inside let alone goodies.  In past years, the swag bags were a lot more exciting to unpack when we got home. And the exhibitor freebies were half great and half crappy – plus some of the exhibitors forgot their freebies altogether and others weren’t very friendly (although there were some great ones – don’t worry, I’ll give details).

The food was plentiful though with some tasty finger foods and the old standby of chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.  I was a little disappointed with the lack of variety (there seemed to be more choice in previous years) but all the food was yummy.  I particularly liked the sweet potato wontons and the cheeseburger wrap bites.

My favourite exhibitors:

  1. Jennifer”s Hair Design Studio – Jennifer is super friendly and in addition to her freebie of sample sized shampoo & conditioner, she always offers an eyebrow waxing but this year she added an extra choice:  the eyebrow waxing or hair bling (which came in a whole array of colours).  Now I can pluck my own eyebrows but hair bling… that’s new.  So, of course, I opted for it.  I’m now sporting about 10 pieces of hair bling – dark purple of course – in my hair that should last from 2 weeks to 6 months.  It kind of looks like tiny/thin, coloured tinsel and is attached to my hair at the root by Jennifer tying it there.
  2. Leanne’s Country Spa – Leanne is also super friendly and her freebie was a choice of hand cream or a toe-separator (for home pedicures).  I choose the hand cream because I already have two toe-separators and one can never have too many hand creams.  In addition, Leanne was doing free makeovers and she did a fabulous job on all three of us (my mom, my aunt and I).
  3. Memoirs of a Boudoir – This was a new exhibitor and their freebie was a free picture taken on a lounge and emailed to us.  We had a picture taken of the three of us and I had one done of just me.  Apparently I have a cool, 1920s/1930s flapper vibe (according to the photographer) which was fun to hear.  Both of the ladies were very friendly and I can’t wait to see the pictures!
  4. Super Hoops – This was another new exhibitor and she was also very friendly.  Her freebie was delicious chocolate truffles and she even shared the recipe with me!  I’m so making chocolate truffles for my next dinner party!  Plus it was fun knowing I can still hula hoop ;P
  5. Hellwinkies – They always have great clothes and I loved the grey flowing sleeve-less blouse.  They’re also friendly and have great freebies – this year it was a choice of a neck dickie or a purse lint brush.  I took the purse lint brush but when my mom said she was getting a dickie for my grandma, the lady from Hellwinkies also gave her a purse lint brush so she would have something for herself.  I love nice people!  And this makes me want to go shop there next time I’m in Bridgenorth (plus I really liked that blouse).

Disappointing exhibitors

  1. Pampered Chef – They weren’t very friendly and lost out on me hosting a party because of it.  For those of you that don’t know, Pampered Chef sells gourmet kitchen stuff (gadgets, dishes, spices, etc) at home parties  I love their stuff and was planning on scheduling a party for late spring but will have to find someone else.  Even after I asked about what was new this season they just pointed to the new stuff and didn’t explain any of it.  Plus my freebie was a bag clip of which I have several but no joy on exchanging it.
  2. The psychic – She had no freebie (it was supposed to be a coupon but one wasn’t offered) and was charging $20 for 3 questions answered which seems steep.

Many of the other exhibitors just didn’t seem excited about being there and several didn’t seem to have any freebie – which they were all suppose to have.  It was like they didn’t want to give them out but would if you asked (in other words, made them give it up).  Definitely not as good as the first two years!  Was it worth $30? Yeah… but that’s a qualified yeah… if it wasn’t a fundraiser, then it would be a “no”.

But nevertheless we all enjoyed ourselves because we were spending time together.  And at least this year there were some clothes I would actually wear in the fashion show!

Cindy Zimmer

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