Old maid

I wanted to put this as a separate entry because it made me laugh. The first question you get asked over here is “how old are you” followed by “are you married” followed by “do you have a boyfriend”. I was warned about this but I have never lied about my age – at least not since I was 13 or 14 trying to be older – so I answer them all truthfully. Everyone asks these questions – adults, children. In one of my more advanced classes we were having a free discussion and one of the girls very nicely explained – she was trying to be helpful not insulting – that I was an old maid. They still have the belief – although it is gradually changing – that if you are not married by 30… And to make matters worse, according to the lunar calender I am 32! It was weird gaining two years in less than a month – I just turned 31 in Sept and a couple of weeks later I turned 32.

Even the foreign teachers ask similar questions, although not in the same order. With them it is generally “what’s your name”, “where are you from”, “how long have you been here” then “how old are you” and sometimes “are you single”. In a very short period of time I have gotten to know quite a few people reasonably well. Kelly and I were talking about it actually – here when you meet some new person and you exchange contact info and a promise to meet up for dinner or lunch or something, it actually happens.

Oh, and the Leafs won last night too!

Cindy Zimmer

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